Teeth whitening at home with the WIT Home Bleaching Kit.

Besides the one-hour treatment at WIT, you can also whiten your teeth at home. With the WIT Home Bleaching Kit your teeth can get approximately six to eight shades lighter. After one single visit at WIT you can use the WIT Home Bleaching Kit to whiten your teeth at home. Any questions you may have about the process can be asked during the consultation. A print of your teeth will be made, and we can send it to you or you can pick it up in our office in Amsterdam.

An appointment is required, but if you already have a print of your teeth, it is possible to only order the Whitening gel. The WIT Home Bleaching Kit is available with 16% of carbamide peroxide. During the appointment we discuss the proper dose you need to get the best result.

Important: At the moment, a print can only be made at WIT Amsterdam. In the future that will be expanded. For any questions, please contact any of our offices.

Starters offer: €250,- for the WIT Home Bleaching Kit.

What is included in the WIT Home Bleaching Kit?

–       An appointment with a dentist

–       Explanation about the treatment

–       Prints of the teeth

–       Tailor-made mouthguard

–       Gel with 16% carbamide peroxide

–       Aftercare manual and explanation

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“It looks like my youth, when those teeth just came through and were not ruined by the pleasures of life. Nice and fresh! Warning: teeth whitening works contagious.

At our office somebody else is showing off her pearly white teeth!”

” I’m so glad with the result!

Nice: Watching a DVD while bleaching your teeth. After the treatment my teeth were 6 shades lighter!”

I am very happy with the result!  ”


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