Special offer teeth whitening

Book online for an appointment before September 7, for €325,- per person! 

The official price for teeth whitening with the PrevDent method is €395. By purchasing large quantities we can offer you a huge discount. That is why you pay only €349,-* at WIT!

Via an online booking we can offer even more discount. Book online and pay only €325,-*

Attention: prices for an online booking can be different every week.  For this offer, only a few seats are available. So be quick.

If you make an appointment in one of our offices or by telephone, the price will be €349,- per person. You can also spread the payment. Please contact one of our offices to apply for the Comfort Card.

Make an appointment soon for the best and last places, because for this offer WIT is almost entirely booked!

WIT® Amsterdam

Tel: 020-3304260

WIT® Maastricht

Tel: 043-3251414

WIT® Gent – België

Tel: 0032 9 222 06 03

(*An offer can’t be combined with other offers)


WIT Vestigingen

Rokin 120A
1012 LC Amsterdam
Telefoonnummer: 020 330 4260
email: witrokin@outlook.com

WIT Maastricht
Grote Gracht 41
6211 ST Maastricht
Telefoonnummer: 043 325 1414
email: info@wit.nl


“It looks like my youth, when those teeth just came through and were not ruined by the pleasures of life. Nice and fresh! Warning: teeth whitening works contagious.

At our office somebody else is showing off her pearly white teeth!”

” I’m so glad with the result!

Nice: Watching a DVD while bleaching your teeth. After the treatment my teeth were 6 shades lighter!”

I am very happy with the result!  ”


Book online

and pay only € 325 !